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Dedicated to our talents

Virtuous Sports Management
Virtuous Sports Management is an agency dedicated to developing and managing the careers of professional footballers.


FIFA Licensed

We are committed to transparency by being licensed and registered with FIFA and Football Federations. We strictly comply with the rules set in place to protect our clients. Being licensed by FIFA and registered with Federations also means that we are authorized to carry out both international and domestic transactions.



Our company is headquartered in the USA, and we have consultants and agents located worldwide who support us. This extensive network provides our clients with the best opportunities for career advancement and mobility. Our primary markets are the USA and Canada, but we also have joint ventures and cross-relationships across Europe, Africa, and South America.



In order to provide outstanding service and personalized treatment, our agency follows a strict selection process for accepting new clients. While talent and potential are essential, we also prioritize the personal connection between agent and player. We are deeply committed to maintaining constant communication with our clients as we believe a strong relationship is essential for achieving positive results.

Our agency's dedication to providing individualized attention to players and their families sets us apart in the football industry. Our European roots and love for the sport fuel this commitment.



As sports agents, we manage the careers of professional football players, including contract negotiations, transfers, and mentorship.


We act as intermediaries between players, agents, and football clubs to facilitate deals.

Endorsement and PR 

We leverage our strong relationships with major brands to secure our clients' best sponsorship and PR opportunities. We also provide assistance for media communications.

Performance Management

We provide game analysis and technical expertise to help you improve your performance.

Additionally, we can help you build a performance team around you (athletic trainer, mental trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor, or osteopath...)


We have years of experience providing tax advice, financial planning, and general financial guidance. We have established relationships with wealth management and accounting firms.


We collaborate with reputable law firms to provide legal support.



Players : Agent Ratio


Years of experience in the football industry & finance 


The value of transfer deals that have been directly negotiated by our partners.


The value of players' contract directly negotiated by our partners.

Clubs & Leagues
These are the clubs and leagues that we have worked with in the recent past.


Thibaut Astier

Owner & FIFA Licensed Agent

Thibaut Astier

Thibaut Astier is a FIFA Licensed Agent from France who is based in the United States. With a robust network and dedicated partners, Thibaut specializes in representing players worldwide


With over 15 years of extensive experience in the sports industry and finance, Thibaut has worked in various areas, including wealth management, football club management, and M&A consulting, and is now fully dedicated as an agent. His professional journey has spanned across borders, particularly in France and the USA, where he has cultivated profound connections with leagues and clubs on a global scale. Thibaut collaborates with agents with experiences in MLS, Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 2, USL, and MLS Next Pro, among others, solidifying his experience in the industry.


Throughout his career, Thibaut Astier has collaborated closely with prominent football players, including Eden Hazard, Demba Ba, and many other notable figures in European football. With his extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication to the game, Thibaut aims to make a lasting impact on the sports industry, shaping the future of player representation and international football.

Demba Ba

Sports Executive and Ex-Chelsea Player

“Dedication and energy like no other and unwavering loyalty. A true powerhouse in any endeavor!"

Alexandre Gontran

20 years experience FIFA Agent

“Relentless worker with unmatched adaptability, efficiency, and loyalty.”
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